Saturday, February 6, 2010

MSI Wind 12 Bluetooth Mod

It's been more than a year since I made my own BT modding on U100. I made that a month later after I bought my first wind netbook. Then recently (a week ago), I bought a new netbook notebook - MSI Wind u230. It's one of the Wind12 series and its specs (i.e. processor and graphics) are far way better than the early wind netbooks.
However, the locally available Wind12 notebooks in the country also don't have the built-in bluetooth module. The good news is, according to the msi forum, the bluetooth module for the U100 will also work on U210. So, without hesitation (since I've already verified the other features of my unit), I opened my less-than-a-week old U230 and found out that there's also readily available connector for the bluetooth.

For this modding I chose a slim-type USB bluetooth dongle (worth Php220), so that it will be easy to disassemble and also easy to fit inside my U230.

Checking first the voltage supply for the bluetooth module.
(showing 5V across pin1/red and pin2/orange)

The electrical connection is the same as for the U100 BT mod, except for the connector's wire colors (not the typical BBROYGBVGW arrangement).

The finished 'product':
(I use the same part number of MosFET for the 'enable switch'. It's IRFR5505 P-channel MosFET.)

Initial testing:

Putting some insulation (kapton tape)first before placing inside the unit:

Finally, SCM already detects the new hardware by pressing Fn+F9.
The bluetooth LED indicator is now also working.

And that's the do-it-yourself bluetooth module for MSI U230, costing only less than 300 pesos... =)
Hopefully I could also mod a usb hsdpa modem to fit inside the vacant mini-pcie slot of my U230.


  1. galing sna pla nag engineering nlng ako hehe..

  2. WOW. Great job there man. If I am reading this correctly, I will not need to modify my netbook itself. All I'll have to do is connect the DIY Bluetooth module to it. Is that right?

    It's possible that I won't even break my warranty with this mod.

  3. @ Ix,
    yes, no need to modify the netbook itself (e.g. no changing in BIOS).

    (I'm not sure with the warranty.)

  4. Aw it looks like I'll break my warranty if I did this. As confident as I am with modding, I really wouldn't want to lose my warranty with this thing yet. :) I'll do this as soon as my warranty expires! I'll also hack in that SIM card mod that you did. You're the man! Thanks!

  5. Ang galing mo!!!

    Anong tawag sa cable na ginamit mo to connect the bluetooth module?

  6. Bilin ko nalang yan ng 500 pesos..
    Paano ka ba ma-co-contact?

  7. You can make it your sideline, selling complete modules to fellow Wind users. Mabuhay ka!

  8. Thanks, that work for me.

  9. Thank you so much. i did what you suggested and it worked flawlessly. I was unable to get the IRFR5505 MOSFET, so i used another p channel mosfet IRFR9530 and it worked.. Great job..Will be doing your 3G modem mod next..

  10. sir, saan po nabibili yung pang connect sa u230 at yung IRFR5505 MOSFET? ano po yung >10k R1? maraming salamat!

  11. what type of cable was that? is it available in E-gizmo? :)

  12. hi erwin,
    that cable is already included in the wind12 package (i.e. already attached inside the unit).

  13. i see. thanks a lot! :) btw, is the IRFR5505 P-channel MosFET locally available here?sa egizmo?:)

  14. eto pala ung available sa egizmo. alin po yung pwde isubstitute sa 5505? :)

    P Channel MOSFETS

    Item Code PART NUMBER Description CLASS

    540001220 2SJ122 60V 10A 0.2 ohms P Ch TO220 C

    580010677 2SJ377 60V 5A 0,16R PCh DPAK A*

    580010692 2SJ598 60V 12A 0.13R P Ch DPAK A

    550002500 BS250KL *60V 0.27A 6 ohms PCh TO92 A*

    580021008 FDS9933A Dual Pch 20V 3.8A 0.075R soic8 A

    550074040 IRF7404 20V 6.7A 0.04ohm PCh SOIC8 A

    540090140 IRFD9014 60V 1.1A 0.5 ohms P Ch DIP4 A

    540090200 IRFD9020 50V 1.6A 0.28 ohms P Ch DIP4 A

    540090240 IRFD9024 -60V 1.6A 0.28 ohms P Ch dip4 A

    540091100 IRFD9110 100V 0.7A 1.2 ohms P Ch DIP4 A

    540092100 IRFD9210 200V 0.4A 3 ohms P Ch DIP4 A

    540092200 IRFD9220 -200V 0.56A 1.5 ohms P Ch DIP4 A

    580010231 VP0109N3 90V 0.5A 8 ohms P Ch TO-92 A

    580010066 VP0300LS 30V 0.5A 2.5 ohms PCh MOSFET TO92 A

  15. Good work man! I did something similar, you can find it on my blog:
    I also included a link to your article, If you don't mind :)
    That was my first post, but more are coming :)

  16. hello, I was looking for the process, the other way around, I have the little dongle out of a trashed u100, and I want to use it in another laptop, my question is, how definate are the colors and the positions of the wires, meaning, the little extention I have and that came out of the broken laptop, has the colors at a different position starting with red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet-grey-black.
    are the I/O related to the colors or the positions on the jack?

  17. hi! do i need to remove the whole cover of my u320 to get the BT module cable inside? or just the small cover over HD and Ram?