Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quadruped - part 2

    my second prototype of a four-legged robot...
It is the same assembly with the previous. But this time, it's now powered by LPCXpresso (LPC1114) running CoOS. It's also controllable by bluetooth joystick.

source code (with all the revisions):
svn co

* source code can be build using Sourcery CodeBench Lite for ARM-EABI
* I'm using  lpc21isp to load the binaries for the lpc1114 using built-in serial bootloader.
* demo video is on my previous post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bluetooth Joystick

Android Bluetooth Dual-Joystick Controller

Sends 5 bytes every 200ms (or every 3 sec if idle).
data format: [ STX : radiusL : angleL : radiusR : angleR ]
where: STX = 0x55
           radius = {0..10}
           angle = {0..35} (or actual/10)


will send [ 0x55 : 0x0A : 0x12 : 0x05 : 0x09 ]
(**left-joystick is pulled backward; right-joystick leaning to the left)

Source code:
svn co

Installer: BTJoystick.apk .

Joystick widget from Mobile-Anarchy.

demo on my quadruped:

edit 10/15/12
version 2: BTJoystick.v2.apk   45.8 KB

* preference menu (e.g. "Menu->Connect" & "Menu->Options" )
* add four customizable buttons (send either an ascii char or a string)
* immediately send joystick data when a joystick returns to center position
* selectable data format, intervals and timeout
* prevent accidental closing