Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stellaris Launchpad and Nokia 6100 LCD

... interfacing Nokia 6100 LCD shield to Stellaris Launchpad.
The LCD library used in this demo is included in the LM4F GCC-ARM IDE package.

LM4F-GCC-ARM-IDE alternative Integrated Development Environment for TI's Stellaris® LM4F120 LaunchPad (ARM Cortex-M4F @80MHz, 256kB FLASH + 32kB SRAM)

download: lm4f-gcc-arm-ide-win32.7z   17.7 MB only.

IDE features:
  • fast light-weight IDE (PyQt based)
  • using gcc-arm-embedded 4.7.3
  • auto-completion (NOT IntelliSense)
  • code-outline using CLang
  • lm4flash (flash loader from lm4tools)
  • serial monitor
  • supports C++ projects
  • stellarisware peripheral driver library
  • supports 8 hardware UARTs: Serial0 to Serial7 (Serial0 is the same as the debug "Serial". Serial6 pins are mux w/ USB pins)
  • advanced libraries( USB device, FreeRTOS kernel)
  • basic libraries (gpio's, delay's, buttons, RGB led, N6100 lcd)

 forum discussion link


a port of Philrobokit IDE to STM32F1 w/ GCC-ARM toolchain

currently, only works for E-Gizmo's STM32 MCU Board
(STM32F100C8 @24MHz, 64kB FLASH + 8kB SRAM)
download: stm32-gcc-arm-ide-win32.7z 38.7 MB
previous version: svn-r125
forum discussion link