Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It is similar to my first PIC SD BMP Reader , and almost the same circuit except for the LCD. This time I now use a Nokia 6610 LCD. The LCD is capable of displaying 4096 colors, but for code simplicity I just operate it at 8-bit (256 colors) resolution.

This project is capable of reading bitmap file using common format (24-bit per pixel), with size (width and height) equal to or less than 132 pixels at both side.

demo video:

Source code + diagram: PIC18 SD BMP Reader 2.rar

similar project at Hack-a-day: How-to: Digital picture frame, 100% DIY
-it uses PIC24FJ64 in stead of pic18f2550


  1. Hey Yus i edited your code a bit for my LCD it works on displaying full sized images of 128*160 but when i try to load a small 50x50 image its all mixed up. Can you take a look at my code please:



  2. Hey wanted to update. I fixed the issue. I can now load images up to 128*160 no problem.

    Its not as fast because the way i have to draw to the LCD. Also the buffer i have available isnt huge as i would like. Im planning on switching to a LPC2106 or LPC2148 in the future...

    Image Viewer 3: http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhum

  3. Dear Sir.

    Is it possible purchase this project?

  4. is this possible with 480*800 pixel large lcds?

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