Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player

Mini-STM32 SD/MMC WAV (RIFF-WAVE-LPCM format) Audio Player with Spectrum Display

Simple SD Audio Player with an 8-pin IC by ChaN

DSP (FFT) libraries for Cortex M3 by Ivan Mellen

CooCox CoOS real-time multi-task OS

minimal hardware modification:

demo video:

Project files: Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player.rar

forum link: Mini-STM32 board


  1. hey man, how are you? =D

    nice blog you have here... I see your videos in youtube via subscription =D

    really cool stuff...

    you see, I'm using stm32 and I'm with problems interfacing the ads7843 tp controller via spi peripheral... could you help me with some code you have for this kind of stuff?

    thx a lot

  2. i need to know

    play & STOP & Previous File

    HOW TO do ?

  3. Hello, I'm Federico an Italian newbie to ARM.
    I bought one of Mini-ST32 from china, but I'm not able to understand how to download the obj to the Cortex.
    Could anybody send a drowning man a rope?
    Instead of a rope i could buy also an howto for the dumbest in the world.
    Thank so much!

  4. Hello..i downloaded the program to stm32..but it is showing "insert sd card"...why? .i have put the sd card with wav file inside..but it it showing like that

  5. Hi there..my spouse and i delivered electronically this program for you to stm32..yet it's displaying "insert sd card"...precisely why? .we've put the sd card using wav file within..nevertheless it that exhibiting prefer that

  6. have you considered its possibilitys to be used as a mobie multichannel analyzer for radioisotope identification and measurements?

    It would be interesting, to feed it with a live input from a Photomultiplier and extend the Channels of the Spectrum to a maximum (at least 1024-2048 channels would be awesome + export to Sd as txt file with bin number and counts)

    would be more than interesting, what is possible with this board (just started to think about to get my own ^_^)

  7. I change PWM channel to PA8, but I recive some noise. What I do wrong ?
    I.e. I change timer to TIM1 and port to PA8 (TIM1 CH1)

    1. This strings:
      TIM_OC1Init(TIM1, &TIM_OCInitStructure);
      TIM_OC1PreloadConfig(TIM1, TIM_OCPreload_Enable);

      and add this:

      TIM_CtrlPWMOutputs(TIM1, ENABLE);

  8. Which is the SPECIFICATIONS of this player???
    Bits, KHz????

  9. it's works...thxs for sharing dude

  10. Links down

    can share rar file to nandhu015ATgmail