Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bluetooth Joystick

Android Bluetooth Dual-Joystick Controller

Sends 5 bytes every 200ms (or every 3 sec if idle).
data format: [ STX : radiusL : angleL : radiusR : angleR ]
where: STX = 0x55
           radius = {0..10}
           angle = {0..35} (or actual/10)


will send [ 0x55 : 0x0A : 0x12 : 0x05 : 0x09 ]
(**left-joystick is pulled backward; right-joystick leaning to the left)

Source code:
svn co

Installer: BTJoystick.apk .

Joystick widget from Mobile-Anarchy.

demo on my quadruped:

edit 10/15/12
version 2: BTJoystick.v2.apk   45.8 KB

* preference menu (e.g. "Menu->Connect" & "Menu->Options" )
* add four customizable buttons (send either an ascii char or a string)
* immediately send joystick data when a joystick returns to center position
* selectable data format, intervals and timeout
* prevent accidental closing


  1. Awesome work!! This is almost exactly what I need for my own wireless micro car project. I'll need to change a couple things such as sending center position immediately on joystick release and add some extra time after stop bits so my slow micro controller to handle the data though put. Thanks for providing the source.

  2. nice post

  3. how to interpret the data of the buttons A, BCD with the Arduino?
    Which signal they send to the arduino? How I read this sign?

  4. This is great! I've actually seen it before as my brother has it. Nowadays, you can easily manage your CCTV Cameras by using a Joystick Controller.

  5. How to interpret buttons A, B, C, and D? In Arduino

  6. i am not able to get into the menu in the version 2 please help.. i need this app to control my bluetooth quadcopter