Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LM4F-GCC-ARM-IDE alternative Integrated Development Environment for TI's Stellaris® LM4F120 LaunchPad (ARM Cortex-M4F @80MHz, 256kB FLASH + 32kB SRAM)

download: lm4f-gcc-arm-ide-win32.7z   17.7 MB only.

IDE features:
  • fast light-weight IDE (PyQt based)
  • using gcc-arm-embedded 4.7.3
  • auto-completion (NOT IntelliSense)
  • code-outline using CLang
  • lm4flash (flash loader from lm4tools)
  • serial monitor
  • supports C++ projects
  • stellarisware peripheral driver library
  • supports 8 hardware UARTs: Serial0 to Serial7 (Serial0 is the same as the debug "Serial". Serial6 pins are mux w/ USB pins)
  • advanced libraries( USB device, FreeRTOS kernel)
  • basic libraries (gpio's, delay's, buttons, RGB led, N6100 lcd)

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