Friday, December 25, 2009

Flash Loader for 8-Pin ZiLOG MCUs

Serial Port Flash Loader for 8-Pin Z8F Zilog Encore(XP)

One major problem for the ZiLOG 8-pin mcu's is that it needs an expensive usb smart cable in order for the program to be 'flashed'/'burned' to their memory. This application aims to address this problem, by using a common serial port for flash loading (reading and erasing as well) instead of using an expensive tool.

For now,it's only tested with 8-pin Z8F042A. Hopefully in the future, it can also support other ZiLOG MCUs, not only these 8-pins (those 20- and 28-pins should be easier to program).

download: Flash Loader for 8-Pin Z8F.rar

forum link for project progress: Serial Port Flash Loader for 8-Pin Zilog MCUs

already tested with 8-pin z8f0423 and 28-pin z8f082a (yes, soic-28 also)

Win32 Executable verion: Flash Loader for 8-Pin Z8F (WIN32 Executable).rar
it only requires msvcp90.dll - most Win32 OS already have this; if not yet installed, it can be downloaded from Microsoft.


  1. Hi, thanks for the post. Do you know if I can use some usb-serial adaptor to work well on it ? May I use for 80QFP ICs too ? Thanks

  2. Hey, do you really need the DTR tied to the reset pin. For me it's not a problem, but my project partner has no DTR pin on his usb to TTL UART converter pcb. He cannot get this to work, so maybe that was the issue right there.

  3. Hi, please update link for download.