Thursday, December 3, 2009

Portable Eric 4 Python IDE (v2)

After my first portable Eric4 IDE, here comes another portable Development Environement for Python. It's still Eric4, but this time it's now equipped with SciPy scientific tool for python (open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering). Together with NumPy and matplotlib, scipy turns Python into a powerful language for numerical computing.

Aside from matplotlib, I also added PyQwt. They both share the same purpose - plotting graphs in python. Although matplotlib graphs are more detailed than of PyQwt, I still prefer PyQwt because it can be easily integrated to PyQt GUIs, and it has also faster response(ideal for creating GUIs). Here is a good comparison between matplotlib vs PyQwt. Also, a possibility of embedding matplotlib plots into PyQt.

I also included pySerial, pyParallel and PyUSB. These three are great for learning PC interfacing. I wasn't able to test the pyparallel module, since my machine doesn't have any LPT ports. PySerial works fine, same with previous portable IDE. For PyUSB to work, LibUsb-Win32 has still need to be installed on the host machine.

download link: Eric4 IDE Python 2.6.rar
size: ~62MB RAR file (~250MB uncompressed EXE file), tested only on WinXP
view "readme.txt" (inside the RAR file) for more information.

some scripts run on this IDE:
Ruby and Python Programming Language Thread
DSP 0.01: A tutorial

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  1. Hi, I downloaded The Portable version of the Eric Ide, but when i try to open qtdesigner i have an error that close the qtdesigner (designer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close)
    What can I do?, thanks